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The application processĀ for individuals applying through a partner organization or as an independent individual isĀ as follows:

  • Candidates for the Step Onward Foundation come to us through various organizations that serve the underage and young adult homeless and recovering homeless population.
  • We seek references for young adults who have shown great persistence and spirit in their own survival and have utilized the resources that have been offered to them to their current fullest potential.
  • Candidates must be over 18 and willing to first answer standard questions regarding their status with our promise to be confidential with all information and never share it without their permission in accordance with privacy standards. We also ask that the candidate write an essay about their story and what their dreams and hopes are for creating their life going forward as well as what they are doing to achieve that vision.
  • When a candidate is chosen from the first two phases of the application process, we request that the candidate have an in person interview with our founders for a more personal final selection experience. Our intention is to be in touch with the award winners and we love to meet them and speak with them in the last phase as well as through our process of supporting them and mentoring them.

If you are seeking help and not associated with an organization already providing services or mentorship to you, we still want to hear from you.

Contact for more information or with essays of potential recipients.