Number of Recipients Funded

  • Over 50 recipients have been funded thus far for various amounts of education, housing and wellness.
  • 28┬árecipients were on the verge of forgoing higher education due to extreme challenges in the months leading up to our funding them.
  • The majority of our recipients have been able to avoid loans thanks to our donors and mentor meetings.

Number of Applicants and Inquiries

  • There are countless numbers of young adult survivors needing assistance that we are aware of.
  • To date we have funded 100% of applicants who have been referred by partner organizations.

Organizations We Have Partnered With

  • We work with organizations including Lifeworks, Star Of Hope, Covenant House, Strongheart Group, Art Saves Lives, One Voice Texas, and New Hope Initiative supporting the Kibera Penda Project.
  • We have identified several more organizations that need our help and we hope to do so as we grow.
  • We have hosted 19 events and have partnered in many more.

Donor Count

  • We have over 700 donors thus far.

Funds Raised

  • We have raised over $325,000 and have distributed the majority of those funds directly to recipients for education, wellness and housing.